The basic requirement in brand building is to identify target customers, and ascertain their taste, appeal, and inclinations. With such information on hand, the first step in building a brand is developing a cool logo and visible theme. Apply the logo and theme consistently across storefronts, advertisements, websites, social media, content marketing initiatives, and every other customer engagement experiences. However building a brand requires much more effort, and is a considerably long drawn out process.

How to build a personal brand

build a personal brand

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How to build a brand strategy

build a brand strategy

Identify Your Customers Every business founder should decide who their customers are. In the event that you say “everyone” you are committing a major error….

The Importance of Brand Perception

importance of brand perception

What Is the Definition of a Brand? There are several descriptions of the word “brand”. The common denominator of all definitions is that a brand…

Frame the Mission Statement

After the logo and theme comes the mission statement, which basically defines the purpose of the brand. For instance, Nike's tagline "Just Do It," syncs with its mission statement "To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world“. All brands strive to offer their target customers good reasons to choose the brand over another brand. Identify the USP of the brand, and make sure the mission statement resonates the same. The USP could be anything such as authentic goods, transparent customer service, productivity boosters, helping people save money, or anything else. Focus on anything unique to the brand.

Develop a Powerful Brand Message

Each brand has its distinct voice, which depends on the mission of the company, the tastes, inclinations and lifestyles of target customers, and industry trends. Depending on such factors, the voice could be professional, friendly, service-oriented, promotional, conversational, informative, or anything else. Use the best-suited voice to create highly engaging brand messages. For instance, if the brand is selling electronic goods, the target audience could be savvy early adopters, and the best brand message resonates with themes such as innovation, gadgets unlocking a world of possibilities, and likewise. Make sure all advertisements and communication of the brand are oriented on such lines.

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